Friday, March 17, 2006

Jeremy meets AVP facilitators in Kenya

AVP in Africa is only standing on one leg.
Jeremy attended the Friends World Committee for Consultation - Africa Section representatives in Mabanga, Kenya in February. He was fortunate to meet AVP facilitators from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC. "The Tripod we used only had one functioning leg which we realized was a good image of AVP in Africa. In each region AVP only happens sporadically when there are funds and we only meet by chance when we attend other meetings. We have a good product, AVP, that we believe in and know makes a difference to individuals and organizations but we are missing the other two legs - funds and an organization."
The AVPers got together and worked on ideas for a proposal for a joint funding proposal and an organization to represent our interests while recognizing our autonomy. "We set up a task team to take the idea forward and are aiming to finalize the proposal by the AVP Internatiional Gatherning at the end of August."


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