Saturday, August 19, 2006

Noluthando Ndlovu's AVP Workshop Experience 15 August 2006

I was one of the lucky people who attended the A.V.P. workshop over the weekend at the Georgetown library.

I'm writing this email to show my gratitude to have been given a chance to be part of something so great and life changing. I learnt a lot from the workshop than I have in my life till now. It changed the way I do a lot of things or rather my way of thinking. But mostly it made me a better person in the sense that now I care about other people and what they have to say than I did before. I consider their feelings and how the things that I do and say can affect them.

But what is great about the whole experience is that it makes u appreciate yourself and all the other people around you more. You also get the chance to look back in all the great things you have done in your life as a person, something a lot of us don't do nowadays because we so
concerned or so focus only on our failures.

I guess what I am trying to do is to show my appreciation for showing me that its not enough to be just a good person but anyone can be a great person, citizen, child, wife or husband. And hopefully because of this email you'll be motivated to go out there and make a difference in our society because I truly believe that a lot of people can learn a lot from you and that you can change a lot of people.

Once again I thank you very much.

Noluthando Ndlovu


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